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The Mastering Midlife and Menopause Package

My personalised 12-week package for midlife women who are overwhelmed, have lost their sense of identity and are craving a new lease of life. Together we will transform your health and reclaim your life.

Is this you?

  • You are struggling with your changing body shape, constant hunger and cravings.

  • You are confused what to eat, what used to work no longer does.

  • You have lost your confidence and are finding life overwhelming.

  • You feel drained and don’t feel like socialising anymore.

  • You are struggling with mood swings, anxious thoughts and have difficulty concentrating.

  • You are tired of feeling tired and long for a good night’s sleep. 

  • You suffer from headaches, hot flushes, ache all over and feel boated, will this ever end?

  • You’ve tried figuring it out on your own, but you need someone to hold your hand, cheer you on,  get results and get this resolved once and for all.

Over 12 weeks you will learn

  • Which foods nourish your body and support your hormones so that they work with you, not against you.

  • How to eat to avoid afternoon slumps and experience all day energy and vitality.

  • The best way to reduce belly fat, lose weight healthily and break the habit of yo-yo dieting.

  • How to achieve a good night’s sleep and reduce hot flushes and night sweats.

  • Tools to manage stress and self-care strategies to reduce anxiety and manage overwhelm.

  • What is the best exercise for you at your life stage.

  • How to establish healthy new habits that are sustainable.

  • Which bad habits may be sabotaging your success.


Imagine this….after 12 weeks

  • You feel confident in your appearance, you may still want to lose more weight but you now have the know-how and assurance to know this is achievable.

  • You know which foods provide long lasting energy and leave you satisfied between meals.

  • You go to bed knowing that you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

  • You’ve harnessed an inner strength and are better equipped to deal with stressful situations when they arise.

  • You’ve got your old brain back and can focus at work and think clearly again.

  • You’ve been released from the irritating symptoms that have held you back from living your life.

  • You’ve mastered exercise which makes you feel strong, vibrant and revitalised.

  • You’ve already started living the next exciting chapter of your life and are flourishing

Navigating change on your own can often feel overwhelming, particularly when faced with a barrage of contradictory advice. I provide you with evidence-based guidance tailored to your needs and goals, taking account of your unique circumstances, preferences and challenges. Step-by-step I hold your hand, helping you establish new habits, overcoming obstacles and addressing the emotional aspects of behaviour change, all while holding you accountable. Together, we focus on the most powerful strategies to assist you in forming lifelong habits and making lasting improvements to your health and wellbeing.


This 12-week premium package includes:

  • 90 minute extended Initial Consultation

  • Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

  • 9 x 30 minute check-in calls (weekly for the first 2 months, then bi-weekly for the last month)

  • A thorough assessment of your health and lifestyle, considering your diet, symptoms, medical history, and family background.

  • Explanation of how your diet and lifestyle choices may be influencing your symptoms and overall health.

  • Messaging between appointments to encourage accountability, motivation and support.

  • Personalised, simple, manageable recommendations, backed by scientific evidence.

  • Health coaching tools 

  • Personalised supplement advice (cost of supplements not included)

  • Clinical testing recommendations (if appropriate)

  • Analysis of current medication and nutrient interactions (if applicable)

  • Weekly food diary feedback

  • 10% discount on supplements

  • Resources and recipes

  • Includes additional time spent researching plan


Package Cost: £795


Payment plan options are available


I’m not sure how far I am into the perimenopause. Is this package suitable for me?

Yes, the earlier we put the foundations in place the easier your journey will be. Ideally, we should be preparing for 10 years before the menopause, but this isn’t always possible. It’s never too early….or late to get on the right path to supporting our hormones and symptoms.


Is this package suitable for me if I take HRT?

Yes, this package is fully compatible with HRT. 


Should I try HRT before starting?

That is completely up to you, I work with ladies who take HRT and those that don’t. 


Is this suitable for me if I’ve have already gone through the menopause?

Yes, many women still struggle with symptoms and this package supports women beyond menopause and for the rest of their lives.


Will I still be able to eat chocolate and drink alcohol?

Many women find cutting down alcohol and sugar drastically improves their symptoms. However, we work together trying different options when putting a plan in place, finding what works best for you. A life without chocolate would be a very dark place for me too!


Are supplements and functional tests included in the cost of the package?

No, supplements and tests have an additional charge (if required).


Why meet so frequently?

Meeting weekly (bi-weekly in the last month) has proven to be more effective in facilitating successful changes. Frequent check-ins enable you to take small, manageable steps that accumulate into significant results without feeling overwhelmed. Regular meetings, allow me to closely track your progress, address any concerns that may arise, and provide you with the necessary accountability.

Why 12 weeks? 

A 12-week timeframe allows for sufficient time for the changes to yield noticeable differences. During this period, I can be your dedicated support system, encouraging you every step of the way, motivating you, and helping you overcome any obstacles that may come your way. 


How do I know if this package is right for me?

 Are you ready to embrace change? Eager to take that first step? Committed to achieving your goals and regaining control of your life? Making change is not easy, I would be lying if I said it was as simple as taking a few supplements and cutting calories. However, I will be your dedicated support system, encouraging and motivating you every step of the way, helping you overcome obstacles. I invite you to book a complimentary discovery call to discuss your health concerns so you can learn more about my approach and how I can assist you in reaching your goals.

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