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Artichoke Spread

6 Week Package

This package is for individuals who already have a healthy foundation and no major health concerns who are seeking that extra edge to optimise their health and energy. Whether you're working towards a short-term goal, preparing for a special occasion like a wedding or holiday, or seeking to gain greater assurance in your dietary and lifestyle choices, I can help you.

With personalised support and guidance, you’ll take proactive steps to support your wellbeing, implementing manageable changes that will make lasting improvements to your health, enabling you to achieve your goals with confidence.

This 6 week package includes:


  • 60 minute Initial Consultation

  • Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

  • 5 x 30 minute weekly check-in calls

  • A thorough assessment of your health and lifestyle, considering your diet, symptoms, medical history, and family background.

  • Explanation of how your diet and lifestyle choices may be influencing your symptoms and overall health.

  • Messaging between appointments to encourage accountability, motivation and support.

  • Personalised, simple, manageable recommendations, backed by scientific evidence.

  • Health coaching tools 

  • Personalised supplement advice (cost of supplements not included)

  • Clinical testing recommendations (if appropriate)

  • Analysis of current medication and nutrient interactions (if applicable)

  • Weekly food diary feedback

  • 10% discount on supplements

  • Resources and recipes

  • Includes additional time spent researching plan

Package Cost: £465

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