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Corporate Wellness

As a Nutritional Therapist I am passionate about working with employers to support their employees’ health and offer informative and engaging corporate talks delivered via webinar.  


My Mastering Menopause presentation provides valuable insights into the physiological changes associated with menopause, practical strategies for managing symptoms and evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support hormonal balance and overall health during this stage of life.  Menopause can be a complex journey and have a profound impact on employees’ daily life. Persistent symptoms such as anxiety, difficulty concentrating, sleep disruptions, hot flushes, joint pains and many more present both physical and emotional challenges. Supporting employees through this transition is essential for promoting overall wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

"Thank you Clare Bellini for such an incredibly positive and transformative presentation. You seamlessly translated scientific information into practical advice, making it clear how diet and lifestyle changes can significantly impact the experience of menopause which has had a lasting impact on me and I’m sure many others in the audience"

Lynn Owen, Ardonagh

For a full quotation and to discuss how I could support your organisation please get in touch. 

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